UST is a tutorial video which teaches viewers how to do 400 different stunts on the Halo: Combat Evolved (PC) map Blood Gulch.  You can think of these stunts as tricks or glitches.  They're unintended aspects of the game which players have discovered and expanded upon over the years.  Many video games have unintended aspects to them, but Halo: Combat Evolved is unique in that the range and depth of these aspects is extremely impressive.  This world - the world of stunting - has attracted numerous players over the years.  Some players have taken the casual approach of doing a few stunts for a bit of fun.  Other players have sought stunts which could give them an advantage over their opponents in multiplayer.  Finally, there are the few who have dedicated themselves to the creativity and community which defines the world of stunting.  I am one of these few.  We call ourselves stunters, trickers, or glitchers.  We dedicate ourselves to stunts because we enjoy doing them.  For us the goal of the game becomes to find and do stunts rather than to fulfill the standard objectives.  This is our world.

UST is a project I started with the goal of sharing my knowledge of stunting with other players.  It has evolved and grown over the years from a tutorial for 20 stunts to a tutorial for 400 stunts.  I now look at it as my legacy.  UST is a fantastic window into the world of stunting.  It documents the stunning range of stunts in Halo: Combat Evolved in greater detail than ever before.  My hope is that it will inspire players who have never stunted before to give it a try, and that it will serve as a valuable resource for those who enjoy stunting for many years to come.

Feel free to look around the website, as it's positively brimming with information about the video.  If you have some other questions, feel free to check out the FAQ page.  If you'd like to watch the video go to the Guide page.  There are many other pages as well, but I'll leave to you to discover them.  If you have any questions or concerns not addressed on the site feel free to email me at bgstuntmovie0 {at}, message me on YouTube, or find me on