UST would not be possible without the help of many people over the years. I want to say thank you to all the people who have helped me. Those who offered advice, encouraged me to pursue this project, helped me record stunts, or provided feedback. This project could not exist today without you. I cannot possibly name every person who helped on this project, as just about every person I've stunted with has contributed in one form or another to this project. Some names that come to mind now, at the end of it all, are listed on this page.

manny is so good at ledges, he makes walls bleed.

King of Ledging. I remember when I met you, when you were just starting to make videos on YouTube. I remember I was so bad at ledging back then, you helped get me started on it. We experimented and discovered so many things together. Warp launching methods, ledges, and more. Someday we should get together and you can teach me a ledge I don't know, just like old times.

Wisdom: How much longer is this gonna take? D:

With the patience of an iceberg you helped me with recording almost every stunt in Insides. I can't thank you enough for this. Out of every stunter I taught, I always thought of you as the best of friends. I hope to see you again sometime man, I miss you.

At home in his natural habitat, Vic is AFK.

Hey Vic! ... AFK again? Alright. :P
You were that guy always sitting in the server not doing anything. It was a lot of fun pushing you around and stuff over the years, dropping you out of the map or putting you in AFK Shees. Other than this, you've been supporting my project and helping me record things since '07. Thanks for sticking with stunting and teaching all the stunters you did. Take care man.

Ahh Mint! Upside-down spider hog? :D
The jokester, the vehicle weight lifter, the candyman! You were always fun to play with Mintralodox. You had some interesting challenges in that minty brain of yours. I have you to thank for the Ghost Froom, probably the greatest stunt I ever created.

Weasel drives warthogs on nose.

Weasels! Rubeolla! Chicken pox!
I still haven't done a Hog Back Balance on the portal on Blood Gulch. Lol. You are one of the most insane stunters I've ever known. Launches, ledges, balances, insides... You name it, you did it! I learned a lot from you over the years. We had our moments, but I think that we were, on the whole, good friends. Hope to see you again sometime, and I'm sure I will.

Woaaahh broooo.  You're in my spawn man.  Not cool.  D:

Naturly Stoned!
We had some bumps (telebumps, shield bumps, spawn bumps) on the way, but you're a cool guy. I honestly think you've been on just about every ledge in Halo by now. You, Manny, and Measels, the ledge kings of Halo. It was nice knowing you Vivid. Stay cool man.
P.S. - "It's Mator's fault!" - Ladders ;)

The dood with the always-positive-mood. hobo, you're awesome. You make warp machines and doesn't afraid of anything. Hope to see you again sometime soon so we can get that warp across all of Blood Gulch. I know it's possible man, I just know it!

Ceiling Femix is in your ceiling:O

Infection: NEAWIGEA!

Thanks for the ram, ramm.  :)

Femix, Ramm, and Infected
I've always liked stunting with you guys. You're my stunt-buddies of 2010-2012. We should get together sometime again, jam some tanks in some bases, ledge on Damnation, you know, do some cool stuff.  :)

Inspired = balance king.

I think you may know more balances than I do, and that's no easy feat! One of these days we've got to get you ledging like a pro. I mean it man. You can do eet!

I've actually come to be moderately-ok at race. We should play some more sometime, perhaps do some stunts just to trollolololo at those racers and their all-too-stingy-set-of-rules. :)

Warp launching shades?  Maybe 2 meters off the ground! :P

Arctic Fox
Warp launch a shade GOGOGO!
Yeah... that was never a realistic goal you know. The things only weigh like what, 20000 tons? You'd have better luck warp launching a rock my friend. ;P
You've been an awesome guy to hand out with Fox. Sometimes you're a bit funky, but you're a really cool stunter, overall. I enjoy hanging out with you. Now that UST is FINALLY done we should... I dunno... make a "Let's Stunt" series for Halo. Yeah? Yeah? Maybe? :D

The stunt tutorials! Nooooo!!!
You hit 54 episodes 3 years ago, but you haven't been on since! You had a really cool thing going man, I wish you had kept it up. If ever you're back around on Halo or anything, hit me up. I really enjoy stunting with you. :)

Howdy Pappy!  You brought so many new players to stunting, it's crazy.  We all have no idea where you went after Thanksgiving 2011.  Really wish you would hop on Halo again, just to show everyone you're still alive.  I still meet stunters I've never met who you taught stunts to.  Quite a legacy my friend.  You really kept stunting going in your time.  You may have taught as many people as I've taught over the years!  Hope you're doing well, wherever you are in life.  If you happen to read this someday, email me or something, alright?

ahmigawd! shoes.

You're a pretty intense stunter you are. Strange at times, but pretty darn good. I'd love to get the chance to warp launch a tank onto the Gephy tower with you again sometime. Back when we did that it didn't get recorded quite right. I'm thinking we should try it from the side of the map with a controlled Hog warp...
Anywho, fun stuff! Hope to see you on Halo again sometime! There's still more stuff to do!

Stunt by Arma and me.  ;)

Arma, you're a pretty weird guy.  But you're also awesome and insanely brilliant.  I wish we had had the chance to collaborate on more stunts, but that's alright.  Come spin hogs in my server again sometime. I promise I'll fetch ammunition for you! :P

Sneakypete, Infuzed

The days of me getting you guys confused are over... or are they? I wish I had been a better stunter back in '06, even if it was just to hang out with you guys back in your stunting prime. I've always looked up to the antics of TSM, DS, and TLG, and can't help but wonder "What if"? What if I had started playing Halo in 2004? What if I had known more about stunting sooner? What if?

Shrine to Sure Shot. 

Sure Shot
You are a grenade magnet. That is all...

Ok maybe not. :P
You're a really cool person Sure Shot, and really nice (though you can have something of a brusque exterior). I liken you to a turtle... Or maybe a porcupine. I like that. How 'bout you?

Anywho you observer-of-people, you, hope to see you around on Halo again sometime. Sitting on your pillar, watching from your perch as all of us silly young 'uns launch hogs around and stuff. ;P

Take care and try to ignore all the mean, ignorant, or just plain inconsiderate people out there.  They're irrelevant.

Arma: "Here is Hertzie.  He suffers from warps.  Warps are no laughing matter, I can assure you."
Arma: "Hertzie, demonstrate warps."
Hertzie: "YEs"

Warp king eh? I think it'd be cool to see you online sometime so we can do warp launches all day lawng. You naturally-warping impressively-lagtacular father-of-warp-launches, you. While we only ever got to play together once, there is one moment from Arma's Stunting Extravaganza that will remain burned into my mind for all eternity.

Why hello der Gillehfish.

BigGruntyThirst AKA Gildor
In the few times we chatted/played together I thought you were a really cool guy. I have you to thank for music recommendations, learning to do warp launches, and more. You conquered many great tricks in your day, and I accept that you have moved on from Halo, though I still think you're awesome. ;)

The #1 stuntman in ZA! The #1 stuntman of today! Let's play some more Halo man. You're cool and I still have stuff to teach you! :D

Oh my.

Remember back in the day, when we wanted to start a stunt clan? Man, so much time has passed! If only we had made that clan, who knows what would have happened? :o

Anywho, I finally, FINALLY, finished this huge video. If you happen to see it, let me know what you think, yeah?
Sometime we oughta hop on Halo and relive the old. Get some hogs in trees, like that one day on Ice Fields. I still remember being blown away when we launched that hog into that tree by accident, and I still have the screenshot! Good times man, good times. :)

My dutch stunting friend! You know, I was actually in the Netherlands to meet my Dutch family in December. I should have found you to play some Halo! Ik ken een beetje nederlands! Maybe next time, eh? ;)

The #1 Ghost Froom warp launcher of all time. Yes indeed! Don't know where you went Box. After Team Mintralodox dissolved you just seemed to disappear. Hope to see you again sometime man.

Thanks for helping review the website while I was working on it.  You're a cool guy and a good friend.  Thanks for helping me out on those crazy pimped bases!  :)

Friendly kryptonite!  Always helping out with little things here and there.  :)  Wish I knew you better man, you're a pretty cool guy.

Thanks fella.  :)

Hey fella.  Haven't seen you online all that much, but you should come hop on halo again sometime, just for the heck of it.  You were always a nice guy to hang out and stunt with.

Rocks and beer.  An excellent combination.

Hey you.  Get online so I can put you inside of more rocks.  :)

I randomly h4xed main into the door.  With a Ghost.  Oops.

OMG M41N hAZ h4CKZ!  I always found myself confused around you Main.  I couldn't tell what was the result of your awesome hax and what was the result of legitimate tricking.  But that's cool, because whether hacking or tricking you would were the definition of pwnage.

When I first got the Ghost in Barrier... Packers was there.

Hey packers.  We had some fun in Halo back in the day.  Thanks for being a good friend and helping me out on stuff every now and then.



That conversation over on halopedia... man it's so long!  I re-read it every now and then.  I know, I'm weird.  Anywho, haven't seen you in awhile man, hope things in your life are alright.  Thanks for helping me on the Halo Stunting Wiki.

Sir Rock.

Sir New
You still teaching people in your computer lab stunts in Halo? :D   You sir, are a cool person.  Hop on halo again sometime so we can do some stunts! :D

You were really bad that game muzzle.

You've developed quite a bit my friend.  I remember back in the day when you couldn't score a kill against me in a normal Halo game.  Now you can beat me sometimes and your flag capping strategies are awesome!  Maybe I'll go to UNCC just to see you someday, just to put miles on my car (when I get it).  :P

Mallet wins.

It's not the Mator-Mobile, IT'S THE MALLET-MOBILE!  Alrite alrite.  Maybe you did it first.  Anywho, you're a pretty cool fella Mallet.  And "How to Own at Halo" is one of my favorite Halo stunting videos.  Thanks for showing me some of your stunts.  :)

You were my friends, my students of stunting, and my support group for several years. You helped me record massive numbers of stunts, including the entire Launches section. I really enjoyed the chance to be a part of your clan, and wish I could have stayed. The clan has changed a lot over the years. Who knows, maybe someday there will be a place for an }SoC{ Stunt Squad again. :)

Layzur! You were always an active fellow! Back in the day you would actually go out of your way to learn and do stunts on your own. You were always a cool guy to hang out with. Come stunt someday for the sake of nostalgia? :)

You have the best laugh of anyone I know, you crazy driver of awesomeness. I think you were the most mature member of the stunt squad. I've always respected your level-headedness and overall easygoing attitude about life. I'd love to have the chance to do something with you sometime again in the future. Hit me up sometime on xfire.

Woof! Woof! Had some fun times back in the day Dawg. I still see you on xfire all the time. Message me if you're interested in hanging out sometime, in any game.

I enjoyed kicking you across the map (lol) when recording warp launches for UST. Haven't seen you much since then, but you were a pretty cool guy. You also lead to me to Yola to make this site.  As you can see, that worked out!  Thanks man!

I finally finished it! I did! You were one of my biggest supporters. I remember talking to you one day, saying I might even put this on a DVD and send it to you. If you can contact me sometime in the next year I will hold true to that idea, burn the whole project onto a Blu-Ray disc, and send it to you in the mail. It might not seem as relevant anymore, but it might be a nice keepsake. And who knows, maybe 50 years from now it'll be discovered and everyone will go crazy about it. Who knows?! :o

It's amazing that I still remember you, but I do. You're the guy who introduced me to }SoC{. I still remember the day. We were on a snipers server, back in 2006. You were there with another }SoC{ member. Somehow we got to talking, and next thing I knew you had me profoundly interested in joining the clan. I don't know how you did it, but somehow you set me forward on the path that I've walked. Who knows what my life would have been like if not for this one event. If you ever read this Rostu, it'd be cool to talk and reflect on everything that you made possible in that one moment when you invited me to }SoC{.

You were one of my first friends in }SoC{. You were a really nice, supportive guy. You listened to me when I had things to share, and helped me find my way. Take care man.

You always supported the Stunt Squad, and put in a lot of effort to keep it going. You have also always been really supportive of me as a person.  You've really been a great friend, and someday I'd like to return the kindness you've given me.  Thanks for everything R3NNiS.


Arrow, GLO, Martyr, Xellos, Lyfe, K~9, S0ap,
Sparda, Bescot, Rookie, Sneaku, Jelly, JeepThief,
Fury, 4him, siege, Sheep, Pie, MPeep, Juger, KidD, etc.
You've all been great friends, and you all gave me the chance to share some my stunting knowledge.  Thanks for that.  If any of you are ever on Halo again and want to do some stunts, hit me up.  I'm always up for doing stunts! :D

And, last but not least:
My mom made that nose balance.  Yeah, she's awesome.

My Mom
Thanks for being patient with this project, watching and spell-checking things for me, and for being supportive all around. Now that this is finally over you owe me a trip to a fancy Italian Restaurant!