UST is a gigantic project, so I've written a sort of guide to help you to understand what it's comprised of and how all the video parts are organized.  See Taxonomy for information on the names I used for stunts, Terminology if you don't know what a stunting-related word means, and Learning Stunts if you are interested in learning stunts using UST.

Before watching any of the tutorial content, I'd recommend you check out the intro videos.  These videos present the content of UST in a short, stylized fashion that should be enjoyable to all viewers, regardless of their background or interest in Halo Stunting.

This project is comprised of 40 parts. These parts have a certain natural order which corresponds to the order in which I created them. However, I would not recommend watching the videos in this order unless you already know you want to watch all of them.

Basic stunting skills like how to PFR, how to do ledges, how to make warp machines, etc. are covered in the pre-tutorial videos, which correspond to the “Pre-Tut” videos in the project. If you have no experience with stunting in Halo: Combat Evolved it may be wise to start by watching these pre-tutorial videos. You can find a list of these pre-tutorial videos below:

Not all types of stunts will be interesting to you, so some parts of this video may seem boring or uninteresting. Know this: the stunts shown in this video vary greatly. I believe that most viewers will find Launches interesting and exciting. Similarly, I imagine most viewers will like Locations. On the other hand, I think it is likely many viewers won’t find Base Stunts very appealing.  This is a huge project with a grand variety of tricks, glitches, and stunts, so I’m fairly certain there will be something here that you will enjoy watching and trying yourself.

Presented below is a list of the sections of the video. Each section is comprised of certain video parts which will have short descriptions to help you to ascertain your interest in them.