Welcome to the official website for the Ultimate Stunting Tutorial.  This site is here to provide information regarding the project.  This includes statistics, lists, guides, terminology, credits, etc.  You can find the YouTube playlist of all the videos that are a part of UST here.


Download it! 〜 8/6/14
You can download the video files that are part of the project from Mediafire here.

Completion 〜 8/4/14
After 7 long years, the final video has been rendered and uploaded.  The site is complete.  And the videos have been released.  Wow.  o__o    You can watch on YouTube here.

I experimented with some javascript, and multiple pages on the site will now have random images.  In other news, the website is almost done, and an intro will be happening after all.

Approaching final destination3/25/13
The site is nearing its final form!  I've been working diligently at making the pages and content relevant and full.  Pictures are almost fully utilized for the Guide pages.  A few more pages remain to be created.

WE'RE ONLINE!2/27/13
The website is now online at bgmovie.yolasite.com!  Right now this is just so I can send the site to my friends for constructive criticism and review.

I've completely updated the website with the new content I've been producing lately.  Old pages have been hidden, and new pages are complete and functional.

I have reformatted the entire news section, it turns out that some sort of paragraph line break error made awkward spaces, I had to completely recreate one entry, then copy and paste it to replace every other entry.

SITE ERROR 〜 1/8/09
For some reason, the News section has had a strange error involving blank lines between the news subject line and the body of the news entry.  I will try to find a way to fix this.

SITE UPDATED 〜 12/14/08
Updated every page on the site.  I completed the homepage, completed the gallery, and updated the lists page.  I also added the Top Stunts page.

I just completed Stunt #250, and I think the movie is progressing well.  All Base Stunts have been completed, and almost all Launches have been completed as well.

SITE UPDATED 〜 11/30/08
Updated the site by making Homepage better.  Made "gallery" look nice.  Updated Top Stunts.  Completed Lists page.

Changed provider from FusiveWeb to SynthaSite/Yola.  Updated site by making news look cooler, including adding news icons.

A milestone for the movie, more than halfway done editing now!  Stunt #200 was Tank in Big Pillar (Sideways).

SITE UPDATED 〜 10/2/08
Added News section and modified Welcome.  Came up with new ideas for pages.

SITE CREATED 〜 10/1/08
Created site using FusiveWeb Creator, thanks to }SoC{Soccer for linking me to FusiveWeb.

To many gamers not associated with alternative gaming (speed-running, tricking, glitching, hiding, trick jumping, etc.) a common question is "Why?" Why do stunts, why make such a huge video, why 'waste' your time on this? I'm going to do my best to answer these questions as I understand them... Read More.

UST is a gigantic project, so I've written a sort of guide to help you to understand what it's comprised of and how all the video parts are organized.  See Taxonomy for information on the names I used for stunts, Terminology if you don't know what a stunting-related word means, and Learning Stunts if you are interested in learning stunts using UST.