This page has general information on the distribution of the video as well as some details regarding your experience watching it on YouTube, the primary website you can access it from.

11 Minutes
First off, some of you might be wondering why each video part is shorter than 11 minutes. This is because at the time when I started the video YouTube didn't allow videos longer than 11 minutes to be uploaded on most accounts. It's only within the last few years that channels can upload longer than 11 minute videos. Because of this UST was developed and produced with this 11 minute limit in mind. I could combine certain video parts, and I may still do this for a future upload. However, seeing as the video is already split into these nice bite-sized pieces I've decided to upload it in this form to make it less daunting for viewers.

Future Additions
For those of you crazy people who want more (how this is possible, I have no idea), I may make future additions to this project focusing on stunts on Blood Gulch that didn't make it into the video. This is not a promise. Whether or not I decide to do this will be based on my own time and interest in addition to how well UST is received.

If you think this project is absolutely awesome and want to upload parts of it to your channel I'd appreciate it if you'd contact me first. I'm fairly easy-going on this subject and want to get this project out as much as I can, but I'd like to know when it gets uploaded elsewhere. You can contact me on YouTube, or by emailing me at bgstuntmovie0 {at}

The music used in UST belongs to its rightful owners. UST has been implemented as an educational not-for-profit project, and my usage of music thus qualifies as fair use under U.S. copyright law. The same is true in most other countries.

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The content from Halo: Combat Evolved has been used under Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules, as found here.

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