Not every stunt on Blood Gulch made it into UST.  At around 400 stunts I stopped adding stunts to the project, for the sake of completing it within a reasonable time period.  This page will talk about the stunts that made it into the video and the ones that didn't.

By my estimates, there are at least 50 stunts on Blood Gulch that I know of now that didn't make it into UST.  And, because I am always of the opinion that there is more that I don't know (experience is a good teacher), I'd imagine there are at least 50 more stunts on Blood Gulch which I don't know about.

These stunts may later be documented in an addition to UST, however, this will only occur if I have the time, interest, and motivation to put into such a project.

Regarding the stunts that did make it into the video I have a few notes:

1. Some stunts, like the PFR + PFRT Team Launch, aren't really stunts in and of themselves (they're kind of trivial), and may feel like filler in the video.  If I could remove these stunts and replace them with other, more appropriately clear ones I would, but I just simply don't have the time.

Only hogs can fly.  >:|

2. Some stunts, like the Team PFR and Team PFRT launches are poorly documented/defined.  Team PFR and Team PFRT launches refer to the launching of any object/objects with multiple uses of the appropriate explosive combination (so not just hogs).  Other stunts are explained in a really short, efficient manner.  While this efficiency is important to show 400 stunts in a reasonable time period, I may have taken it too far at times so as to make the stunts less clear.

It's pretty much the same thing.

3. Some state shifts may seem trivial, and could possibly be considered the same stunt.  I didn't have quite as great an understanding of states when I was planning and recording stunts for this video, so my definition of a trivial state shift was not yet well defined (see certain Ghost in Portal variations).

If all applications are trivial then all ledges are trivial because they're just re-applying the principle that
you can get yourself partially outside of a map's level geometry and walk on solid lines/points.

4. I often followed the mentality of "each application is a new instance" when it came to including stunts in UST.  This is to say, I treated different applications of the same technique as different stunts.  Some players take on a different philosophy by which any application of the same technique is a single stunt (or more accurately, glitch).  This was not my philosophy regarding stunts for this video, and is not the philosophy of the majority of Halo stunters. This philsophy (all applications are trivial) does not properly encapsulate the huge realm of possibilities in Halo.

hurf                                                                                  durf.

5. Some stunts are shown out of order.  That is to say, some stunts reference other stunts which haven't yet been presented if you're watching the video chronologically.  This was because I tried to order stunts alphabetically, and in doing so compromised certain logical ordering.  Sorry about this.

Blood is an optional ingredient.

Finally, I'd like to note that a huge number of the stunts included in UST are non-map-oriented stunts.  That is to say, the stunts do not rely on aspects of the map's (Blood Gulch's) level geometry, and can be reproduced with identical methods and equal success on any maps.  E.g. Floor Balances, getting players inside vehicles, and all Launches.  While this video is meant to be about the stunts possible on Blood Gulch, I also included a large number of these non-map-oriented stunts.  (This affects how you would estimate the number of stunts in Halo).