Imagine you're in a virtual world, the world of a video game.  The developers have set out these preset objectives for you, this thin path that you're supposed to follow through the environment they have built.  As you follow this path you sometimes catch glimpses of strange things happening: a stack of grenades detonate and send an enemy flying, you rocket an enemy in a Ghost and it balances on its nose, you get squished into a wall by a Warthog and fall out of the map.  These bizarre happenings pique your curiosity, and you decide to figure out exactly what's going on just off the path... 

You wander, and explore, experiencing the game in an entirely different way, a way the developers never intended you to experience it.  Soon you find other wanderers, others who have strayed off of the path into the untamed wilds.  You share with them what you have seen, the odd creatures you have encountered.

Eventually, a wanderer tells you of a cabin.  They say that this cabin was built by a another player, one who wishes to provide a place for others like himself to gather.  You find this cabin and fit right in with the other wanderers who gather there.  You're amazed by the many different sorts of people who meet at the cabin, sharing the stories of their encounters in the great land of tricking/stunting.

The cabin serves as both a waypoint for new wanderers and as a home base for the great veterans who have seen things you could barely imagine.  You learn of amazing places to see and of great mountains to climb, and thus set off to discover new and unfamiliar things.  Whenever you discover something new in the wilderness you return to the cabin to tell the others of what you saw.

This is the world of Halo Stunting.  The cabin could be any number of places that have served to bring stunters and trickers together, though High Impact Halo stands out the most in my mind.  This is how we stunters experience our world, and how it came to be.