Stunts are these funny things we find and do in video games.  They aren't normal, they're oddities. They weren't put there on purpose.  They're accidents, but they're amazing.  Players have been finding and doing stunts since the day halo 1 was released.  Groups of people have come together with the specific goal of finding and doing stunts that have never been done before.  Thousands of videos have been made documenting stunts.  This world, a world that many gamers don't even know exists, still survives and thrives today.

The range of stunts in Halo 1

Halo 1 is a fantastic game for stunting.  Both campaign and multiplayer maps are absolutely brimming with stunts.  Some are so difficult, players take years to figure them out.  Brain trusts form for the conquering of the trick, and many people attempt it before success is reached.  This was the case with T2T challenge which was posed in 2004 and completed in 2011.  T2T was a launch, but there are other types of stunts as well.  There are locations, where you get to places you weren't meant to be.  Insides, which involve getting vehicles or players inside of things.  Ledges, which involve moving around above ceilings or inside of walls on lines or points of solidity.  Balances, which involve balancing vehicles in odd or unnatural ways.  And then there's those few stunts which don't fall into these categories, which we call Miscellaneous Stunts.  There are thousands of stunts, each one different.

The words we use

I use the word stunt to describe these unintended phenomena, but other people might call them different things.  Many people call them tricks.  This is a much more popular term in the Halo games.  Stunting is mainly used in the Halo PC Multiplayer community.  There are also some people who use the word glitch.  This word is more popular in other video games, but doesn't quite describe everything we do in the Halo games.  Glitches specifically result from errors in the game's code.  Some of what we do doesn't involve errors in the game's code, but rather oversights regarding ways in which the game's physics can be applied.  This is why we have the words Stunt and Trick.  There are other terms as well, such as exploitation and alternative gaming.  These are descriptive, but aren't used by very many people.  There's also Trick Jumping, but that's usually consider separate from Tricking and Stunting.  However, regardless of what you call it, stunting is an amazing aspect of the gaming world.