This section of the guide deals with ledging. The next section of the guide deals with balances, and can be found here.

Ledges are stunts that involve moving around on solid lines or points while outside of a map's geometry. This includes jumping above ceilings and climbing up the inside of cliff walls. Ledges are particularly complex stunts as they require stunters to move around on small lines or points of solidity which are invisible to the naked eye. This requires precise memorization and execution which takes careful practice to develop. It's been my experience that most people find ledges utterly fascinating.

Ledging Part 0
This pre-tutorial covers several methods to bump into walls as well as two third party programs which can be used to clear your view when textures deload while ledging: third person and sightjacker. Third person is also used in certain other stunts, most notably wall walks, which you can find in Miscellaneous Stunts Part 2.

Duration: 4:47
Music: In a Trance – Josh Vietti

Ledging Part 1
This part includes the title segment for ledging. Asides from the title segment, it is entirely comprised of ledges in the bases on Blood Gulch. These ledges are all very short, but can be particularly entertaining to do. Most viewers will find this part at least moderately interesting.

Duration: 3:52
Music: To The Island (X-Men Origins: Wolverine OST)

Complete list of stunts in this part:
  • Above the Wall Ledge
  • Hallway Ledge
  • High Ledge
  • Slant Ledge (Back)
  • Slant Ledge (Front)
  • Wall Ledge

Ledging Part 2
This part includes a range of ledges in the walls on Blood Gulch, some of which are particularly long and impressive. I highly recommend this part to all viewers, as ledging is particularly cool to watch and particularly difficult to do. However: to those people who will be trying the stunts in this video I would like to say good luck. Learning ledges takes a lot of practice and patience. You can't learn these stunts overnight.

Duration: 8:46
Music: Follow (First Movement of the Odyssey) – Incubus, Sunrise in Aries – God Is An Astronaut

Complete list of stunts in this part:
  • Between the Caves Ledge
  • Red Cave Ledge
  • Blue Cave Ledge (Arch)
  • Blue Cave Ledge (Blue)

Ledging Part 3
This section includes two wall hacks (ledges where the wall you're ledging in slopes inward dramatically). These are extremely difficult ledges as you have to be extremely precise in order to avoid popping. This section is very similar to Ledging Part 2, so I highly recommend you watch it as well.

Duration: 8:35
Music: Together We Will Live Forever (The Fountain OST), Stay With Me (The Fountain OST)

Complete list of stunts in this part:
  • Blue Cave Ledge (Red High)
  • Blue Cave Ledge (Red Low)
  • Ledge Behind Blue Base (Left)
  • Ledge Behind Blue Base (Middle)
  • Ledge Behind Blue Base (Right High)
  • Ledge Behind Blue Base (Right Low)