This section of the guide deals with locations. The next section of the guide deals with insides, and can be found here.

Locations are stunts that involve getting players or vehicles to places where they were never meant to be, such as on top of cliffs and at the bottom of pits. Locations are a classic part of halo tricking, and involve considerable exploration of the parts of the game most players never see. Locations in multiplayer aren't usually quite as impressive as those in campaign, but I think most players will still find them interesting.

Locations Part 1
This section starts out with the title segment for locations. This is probably the least interesting title in UST, though it's still pretty cool. I really like the music syncing in this part, as it's very detailed and entirely spontaneous. The section is all about getting on top of the many sections of cliff on Blood Gulch. These are classic exploration-type stunts, so I recommend everyone to watch this part.

Duration: 7:05
Music: Wheel of Fortune (Pirates 2 OST)

Complete list of stunts in this part:
  • Sniper Point
  • Cliff (Behind RB)
  • Cliff (Right of RB)
  • Cliff Pocket
  • The Pinnacle
  • Cliff (Above OS Cave)
  • Cliff (By OS Cave)
  • Cliff (Behind BB)
  • Hidden Cliff
  • Cliff (Left of RB)

Locations Part 2
This section is entirely comprised of vehicle locations. That is to say, the stunts in this section are about getting vehicles to places where they weren't meant to be, rather than players. Most of the stunts in this part are Ghost Platforms, which are Ghosts that have been placed on cliff walls that you can stand on thanks to the high friction between them and the walls. Included is the well-known Floating Ghost Platform, which is a classic starter stunt that everyone loves. I recommend this part to everyone.

Duration: 5:00
Music: Isengard Unleashed (Lord of the Rings OST)

Complete list of stunts in this part:
  • Ghost Platform (Floating)
  • Ghost Platform (OS Cave)
  • Ghost Platform (Red Base)
  • Ghost Platform (Blue Base)
  • Ghost at Sniper Point
  • Hog at Sniper Point