This section of the guide deals with miscellaneous stunts. This is the last section of the guide.

Miscellaneous Stunts

Miscellaneous Stunts are stunts that don't fall into any of the other categories. These are the odd stunts, like hog spins, wall walks, and remote control. Most players will find these stunts very enjoyable to watch as they are, each and every one of them, interesting and unique.

Miscellaneous Stunts Part 1
Quirky vehicles mimic your every move! This part is about remote control, a miscellaneous stunt that involves exploiting a glitch with driving vehicles which allows you to drive multiple vehicles at once. I highly recommend this video part.

Duration: 6:53
Music: Jack Sparrow (Pirates 2 OST)

Complete list of stunts in this part:

  • Remote Control Hog
  • Remote Control Ghost
  • Remote Control Tank
  • Remote Control Banshee
  • Remote Control Hog Turret
  • Remote Control Entry (Hog Gunner)
  • Remote Control Entry (Hog Side)
  • Remote Control Entry (Tank Side)

Miscellaneous Stunts Part 2
I spend this entire video jumping and walking into walls. Sound boring? Did I mention I was walking on vertical walls? Yeah, I'm spiderman.

Duration: 6:56
Music: Thunder Castle – Sonic Librarian, Safe Cracker – Sonic Librarian

Complete list of stunts in this part:
  • Behind Blue Base Wall Walk
  • Left of Blue Base Wall Walk
  • Beneath Sniper Point Wall Walk
  • Inside Invisible Barrier Wall Walk
  • Left of Red Base Wall Walk
  • OS Cave Wall Walk
  • Between the Caves Wall Walk

Miscellaneous Stunts Part 3
Break dancing ghosts! Upside down banshees! Possessed flags! This is the last video in UST. I think it has some pretty cool looking tricks, and I highly recommend it.

Duration: 8:10
Music: Angel's Flight – X-Ray Dog, Kuvera – E.S. Posthumus

Complete list of stunts in this part:
  • Ghost Spin
  • Hog Spin
  • Banshee Spin
  • Tank Spin
  • Banshee Flying Upside-Down
  • Turbo Object
  • No Weapons